NSSHA Registration Divisions                    


Horses complying with color and gait requirements may be registered as a National Spotted Saddle Horse. Currently, the National Spotted Saddle Horse Association has a registration special in progress. Once the $50 annual membership is paid, any horse that is spotted and gaited can be registered for only $30, regardless of age and/or parentage. With the annual membership fee, each member receives one free registration on a foal of the year the membership is paid for. (Ex: A paid 2004 membership receives one free 2004 foal registration free, as long as the application for registration is received by Dec. 31 of the given year.) 

National Spotted Saddle Horse – Spotted Registry

In order for a horse to quality for registration with the National Spotted Saddle Horse Association, Inc., it must be spotted, color above the hock other than facial markings, it must be able to exhibit a gait other than a trot. The “Spotting” must consist of white and any other recognized horse color.

The horse must possess one spot about a level line, midway between the center of the knee and the floor of the chest and midway between the point of the hock and the center point of the stifle. A horse must exhibit a spot TWO inches or more in diameter with underlying contrast skin in the area described above or in the tail. Facial markings and/or high stockings alone do not qualify as a spot.

Unnatural markings: Any horse which is found to have unnatural markings will be rejected from registration, and the owner may be barred from the Association. The Association shall have the option of sending a NSSHA representative to collect hair samples and/or biopsies (by a licensed veterinarian) as a precendent right to registration or for a horse to remain registered.

A stepping pace, a rack, or any type saddle gait other than a trot will be acceptable.

Identification Only Registry

All owners with solid-color foals out of a NSSHA registerd sire or dam (one parent must be NSSHA registered): We are accepting applications for registration on these solid color foals for IDENTIFICATION ONLY. This will provide you with the background for the possible spotted off-spring that these horses may produce). To be eligible, each solid color horse must: 

  1. Have NSSHA registered sire or dam (sire or dam owner must sign application for verification of breeding).

  2. Must have been born 1979 or later. No horses foaled before 1979, the beginning of NSSHA, will be accepted.

These horses are NOT eligible for show. Pictures must be included along with your applicaiton. These horses are eligible to go through NSSHA sales.

Solid Color Breeding Stock Registry

A registry for Solid Color Horses for Breeding Stock. This division is available to mares and stallions, solid in color and gaited. These mares and stallions do not have to have a spotted sire or dam in order to quality for registration. We are accepting horses registered already as Racking Horses, Tennessee Walking Horses, Mo. Fox Trotters, etc., as well as “Good Gaited Country Horses” who have no verifiable pedigree, but who produce great spotted offpsring when crossed with NSSHA horses.

These horses are being accepted as breeding stock and are not allowed to show in Spotted Saddle Horse Shows, unless the class sheet so specifies a solid color class. These horses must be gaited, they cannot trot.

Fees For Registration

From time to time, NSSHA runs registration specials which are available to MEMBERS ONLY that lifts late fees or extra fees on late registrations.

Currently NSSHA has the following registration special, for the benefit of their members (you may become a member at any time).

The registration “special” which allows NSSHA membes to register any horse that is spotted or solid, and gaited, regardless of age, parentage, or any pending late fees, for only $30.00, once membership is paid, has been extended until further notice.

You must be a member to take advantage of the “special” registration rate on older horses, or horses with unknown parentage, or horses who do not have sires nor dams registered with NSSHA.

***NSSHA reserves the right at any time, with proper notification, to withdraw the registration special, at which time all pending late or extra fees will again go into effect.

**Registration Fees and Registration Specials are reviewed annually by the NSSHA Board of Directors and are subject to change.

*RUSH FEE: If you need your papers quickly, please enclose a letter of request and $20 additional fee.


Applications for registration must be made on an official application for registration form furnished by NSSHA. Applications must be neat, complete and in ink or typewritten.

Application must bear the signature of the recorded owner(s) of stallion and mare at time of service as well as the owner(s) of mare at time of foaling.

Name of horse must not exceed 25 letters. An apostrophe counts as a letter.

Transfers are required with application for registration of foals when the dam of the unregistered foal was owned at the time of foaling by someone other than the owner of the foal at the time application for registration is submitted. Transfers must be attached to such applications for registration, date of purchase completed, and fee remitted for both registration and transfer.

All applications for registration become an important and permanent part of the records of NSSHA. You are responsible for and should give extreme care in giving accurate dates and information.