Show Guidelines (COVID-19)

National Spotted Saddle Horse Association, Inc.  Guidelines for Show Procedures during COVID-19

1.  Memberships, Exhibitor Cards,  Registrations & Transfers of Ownership:  All these processes MUST be submitted to the NSSHA NO LATER than ONE WEEK prior to the event;  you will not be able to perform these processes at the entry desk, as in the past.  NO EXCEPTIONS,  if you have not purchased your exhibitors cards, purchased membership or registered or transferred horses into your name, 7 days prior to the show event, you will not be able to enter classes or exhibit.  Forms can be downloaded off our website,, click on the sidebar, “download forms”.  To order your exhibitor cards by mail, please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope.

2.  Entry Sheets:  Pre-entry sheets can also be downloaded off our website,    Entry sheets must be completed , with horses name, registration #, exhibitor #, owners name and address, and signed at the bottom by responsible party.  You may use a back # you already have,  we will ck to make sure there is no other entry in your class with the same back #.  If you do not have a back #,  we will give you one at the time the entry sheet is presented. USE THE SAME BACK # for ALL ENTRIES SHOWN BY AN INDIVIDUAL.   ONE individual ONLY, should approach the entry desk, to drop off entries.  Please have your EXACT CASH (in an envelope)  or CHECK attached to the entry sheet(s).  We will accept ADD ON ENTRIES, please have your representative appproach the entry desk, with all info for classes you wish to add, after the show has started.  Please have CASH or CHECK in hand, for any add on classes, to your entry sheet.  We will NOT have Cash available at the entry desk, please have your exact amount

3.  ADMISSION FEES:   Please have exact admission fees when entering the show grounds,  we will NOT be making/giving change at the Admission gate; if you present a LARGE BILL, consider it a donation, as we will NOT have cash available to give back.   Please supply your name, contact info, and number of individuals in your vehicle, as per CDC and Tn. Dept of Ag guidelines, to the individual at the admission gate

4.  DQP INSPECTION:  Mask must be worn when checking your horse in , thru DQP,  if you are not wearing a mask, you will not be able to have your horse checked.  This applies to the owner/trainer/handler/rider presenting the horse for inspection. Mask must be worn in the warm up area (unless guidelines should change, prior to show date) , strict adherence to the 3 person  rule will be enforced in the warm-up area, at all times.  Exception:  will be made for one (1) additional person to assist riders needing additional assistance, during mounting/dismounting.  Exhibitors are to practice social distancing, and the 6 ft rule, while in the warm-up area.  Please bring/wear your own mask, masks will not be available or supplied.  There will not be a penalty for wearing or not wearing a mask in the show ring

5.  6 ft.  Distancing guideline:  Everyone is asked to not sit in the bleachers, unless you practice the 6 ft distancing rule;  when sitting in other areas around the ring, please practice the distancing rule.    Please wash your hands and/or use the available hand santizier on the show grounds.  Children age 2 & Under should not wear masks;  children who are not competiting, should not attend.  

6.  Concessions:  Group meals are prohibited, as are self-service of condiments ,  concessions will follow restaurant guidelines;  concessions may be limited in available food items

7.  Ribbons:  will not be presented in center ring (unless guidelines change), will be available for pickup at a table, outside the entry desk area

8.  Responsibility:  To protect others from possible transmission of the virus, anyone who exhibits COVID-19 symptoms or has been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, within the last 2 weeks, cannot enter the show grounds.  

Participants assumes responsibilty for themselves and own staff, participation is at the risk of the participants ;  do not congregate,  6 ft. distancing must be maintained at all times

9.  Eligibility for Trainer of the Year Award:  As we are getting started late in the season, in order for any trainer to be eligible for the year end Trainer of the Year award,  must attend & show in at least 4 of our 5 shows this year  (this applies to the year 2020)

10.  Horse of the Year Awards:  Again, as we are getting started late in the season,  an exhibitor must accumulate a minimum of 40 points to be eligible for the Horse of the Year Award, in your division.  The horse with the most points, above 40, will receive the Horse of the Year Award, in each said division.  If there is no horse earning the required points,  a Reserve Award will be given;  Reserve awards will be given in all divisions.  (applies to the year 2020)

Horse of the Year Points will NOT BE CALCULATED, until horse is registered or transferred into your name, and your Membership is paid,  points will start to build once these requirements are met

11.  We will adhere & follow all CDC and Tn. Dept of Agriculture guidelines regarding the spread of COVID-19;  if there are any changes,  we will update our information